Dear Friend & Fellow Entrepreneur,

Congratulation enlisting our help in developing a custom Market Analysis. This is an outstanding opportunity for your strategic planning.

My team is going to use your business’ physical address to research all prospecting hospitals, nursing facilities, skilled care, rehab, assisted and independent living and retirement communities we can find.

If you don’t want to use your business address, not a problem. Under such circumstances, we suggest using the physical address of a large centrally located medical center or complex where you anticipate providing service.

Using the address you provide, we’re going to research and map out all possible facilities - hospitals, nursing homes, skilled care, rehab, assisted and independent living facilities, retirement communities, and more.

Essentially, we want to identify all possible “targets” that you’ll want to solicit to introduce your service.

Once identified and mapped, we're going to literally call each facility. This is where the "hard work" really begins because it takes time to call each facility, sometimes talk with multiple people, sometimes leave a message and await a return phone call - essentially play the whole "phone tag game."

In speaking with each facility, our objectives include:

  • Determine what they're currently doing for transportation. Are they in-housing or outsourcing transportation?
  • If in-house transportation, what's the frequency and capacity?
  • If they outsource transportation, how often and under what conditions?
  • Determine the size of the facility. How many residents do they have?
  • Determine the type of residents. Are they predominately Medicaid? Medicare? SSI? VA? Waiver? MCO insurance? Private pay? Private insurance? Long term care insurance? Other?
  • Who's the point of contact(s)? Who do we want to reach out to, connect with, and make that initial introduction?

Every Market Analysis is different. The number of leads vary based on location and population density. If your address is in a more urban area, we're more likely to find increased leads in a smaller radius. If your location is more rural, we'll most likely extend our search well beyond your immediate area.

As of right now, based on the number of existing projects in our queue and the time required to call each facility to gather information, we're running close to 12-13 weeks for development. Once done, we'll forward to you a complete itemized spreadsheet with each facility arranged alphabetically.

Each facility will be mapped from the address you provide. Being able to evaluate each prospective facility based on distance, facility type, size, type of clientele, will definitely help with your strategic planning and the preparation of your business plan.

Especially if you need to prepare a business plan, you want to first develop your Market Analysis. This will give you a much more targeted synapsis of your market opportunity. You'll have a much more detail understanding of what comprises your local market and possibly beyond.

Again, we're going to literally call each and every facility we find within your community and, depending on the number of facilities we find, we may extend well beyond your immediate area. Needless to say, this takes considerable time - but our findings will be well worth your investment. You’re going to have a much more targeted and highly focused strategy for which facilities you should solicit.

Our goal is for you know the size of the facility, the type of residents (private pay versus government assistance or other), and the key contact(s) for each facility. Again, this information is critical to your strategic planning.

What makes this opportunity so convenient is we know exactly what questions to ask and how to politely extract as much information as possible without being obnoxious, intrusive, or annoying. We definitely don’t want to bother or annoy anyone when calling because, in time, you’re going to be soliciting these facilities and we want to ensure we leave a great first impression for you. This opportunity is ideal if you're too busy to invest the time and effort into proper research, calling each facility, and organizing an itemized spreadsheet.

Should you have any questions on the status of Market Analysis, please feel free to email us and we'll be more than happy to provide you an update.

Especially because of our busy schedule with existing projects, I encourage you to ONLY take advantage of this opportunity if you’re serious about moving forward with strategic planning.

If you're just thinking about starting a non-emergency medical transportation business, maybe not sure, then I would encourage you to pass on this opportunity. No one wants to waste time, so please, enlist our help only if you're serious and ready to move forward.

Further important details regarding this exclusive opportunity are as follows:

  • Your Market Analysis will be delivered in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet ONLY
  • As of right now, time of development for a complete project is running at about 15-16 weeks
  • After investing in this opportunity, you NEED to email us a single complete physical address. Do NOT send multiple addresses, an incomplete address, general areas, regions, or counties. Each project requires a single physical address
  • Development of a custom Market Analysis does NOT include personal coaching from me or members of my staff. If you're interested in 60-Days of coaching, please Click Here
  • We cannot guarantee complete accuracy for each lead. There are occasions when we leave multiple messages and simply don’t receive return phone calls. Under such circumstances, there's nothing we can do other than provide as much detailed information as possible for each lead
  • Because of project volume, we reserve the right to discontinue this offering with little to no advance notice. However, we will absolutely honor and fulfill any and all paid reservations
  • Because the development of a Market Analysis is a custom project requiring a great deal of time and effort, under no circumstances will we offer a full or partial refund.


Again, thank you and congratulations on your investment in this custom opportunity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office by email or phone at (607) 343-3690. If you're ready to add your project to our queue, simply click the link and let's get started!


See you at the Top!
Joel E. Davis