Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

Are you generating the amount of revenue with the healthy margins you anticipated? If not, you need help!

Are you in control of your business or are you subservient to brokers? If you're not in control, you need help!

If you have direct-pay contracts, do they yield the cash flow and margin necessary for scaling your business? If not, you need help!

Is the overall value of your business increasing so you can sell at a future multiple? If not, you need help!

"Allow me to start by saying that it was a blast speaking with Joel; he really has a beautiful heart. In my case, not having a vehicle was a significant setback that consumed at least 80% or more of our conversation and time. A vehicle could come within a day or, like me, six or seven weeks later. With Joel and God's help, we did find a fantastic vehicle. Joel found me a vehicle that I wouldn't have found on my own.

Working with Joel was easier than I thought; I was apprehensive that Joel would ask questions I may not have the answers to. Clearly, you guys have a well-oiled machine going over there. The team was very responsive. I will give the overall experience in working with Joel five out of five stars."

Thank you,
Paula (Virginia)

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

Congratulations on pursuing your entrepreneurial passion! Great opportunities are missed by those believing they don't need help or assistance, so by expressing your interest and desire to learn from others and avoid making mistakes, I can't thank and congratulate you enough.

The need for experienced coaching and mentorship is growing, especially in the medical transportation industry where a booming elderly population, the expansion of brokers, and rideshare technologies are reshaping the industry.

Committed entrepreneurs understand the value of time, money and knowledge. Study any successful entrepreneur and you'll discover that, at some point in their business life cycle, they leveraged the counsel of a coach/mentor.

Several reasons underscore the value and opportunity of an experienced coach/mentor to include:

  • Sharing experiences, both successes and failures, to expedite business development,
  • Identifying and enhancing strengths and opportunities while mitigating weaknesses and errors,
  • Provide an unbiased, realistic, and critical perspective necessary to reduce risk exposure,
  • Provide unemotional clarity to critical business decisions and strategic implementation,
  • Establish improved sales, logistic, and human resource practices and procedures, and so much more!

Since 2004, I've been working with NEMT providers and home care professionals from around the county, so as you can imagine, we've been around the block for a LONG time and have seen incredible changes. We've witnessed firsthand the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great! Now, through this exclusive one-on-one online coaching opportunity, you and I are going to be able to work together from the convenience of your computer to help you expedite and save money. If you have an internet connection, we can successfully work together!

Details of this exclusive 60-Day One-on-One Coaching Opportunity:

  • You're going to receive (1) FREE copies of my best-selling ebooks, How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company and Dispatching for Dollars, (2) FREE copies of my video series, and (3) a FREE copy of the MDT Business Plan.
  • Once you have studied my ebooks and video series, we will begin working together for two months, 60 days. We will communicate regularly. It is important that you contact me AFTER you have studied my materials to let me know you are ready to start. Everyone studies at a different pace, so, please make sure you contact me once you're done.
  • Our two months of One-on-One will start once you have thoroughly reviewed and studied my ebooks and video series. This will ensure a strong foundational understanding of what we will be discussing and assist in focusing on your needs to expedite your development.
  • Depending on your needs, we will establish and define weekly objectives and tasks to monitor our progress and ensure we are moving forward, achieving success.
  • Because we are working together, you will qualify for United Medical Transportation Providers Group Certification! This means when you become an active UMTPG member we will actively send personalized Letters of Endorsement and Certification on your behalf to facilities and contacts of your choosing.

Because there is only one of me and I need to focus on quality versus quantity, I must limit the number of providers I work with each month. Therefore, I encourage you to invest in this exclusive opportunity ONLY if you're serious about enhancing your entrepreneurial education, building a successful business and achieving financial independence!

As I often explain, there are three types of Entrepreneurs; the Casual, Convenient, and Committed Entrepreneur. A Casual Entrepreneur is a "jack of all trades," doing whatever work they can muster. A Convenient Entrepreneur is more like an Independent Contractor performing the same type of job over and over because it is familiar and convenient. Unfortunately, Casual and Convenient Entrepreneurs own a job versus a business. They have nothing to grow, scale, and sell at a multiple.

However, our goal in working together is to ensure you're a Committed Entrepreneur who can Build, Grow, Scale, and then Sell at a future multiple. To do this, you need to develop profit-earning strategies and employ effective systems, policies and procedures.

Seminar attendees invest between $1,000 - $2,000 plus travel expenses to attend my live Seminars. However, with this exclusive One-on-One opportunity, you and I are going work together for a FULL 60 days from the luxury of your home. Plus, you're going to receive over $1,000 worth of FREE material!

For your convenience and to assist with your cash flow, I'm providing two investment options. Select the opportunity best for you and receive FREE copies of my ebooks immediately following your investment. Copies of my video series and the MDT Business Plan will ship to your doorstep the next regularly scheduled business day via the US Postal Service.

NOTE: By investing in this exclusive coaching opportunity, you acknowledge there will not be a reduction in price for previously purchased products, items, or resources. Investment in this One-on-One Coaching Opportunity is reimbursement for Joel's time and effort exclusively. No request for pro-rated fees for previously purchased time or items will be granted. Further, investment in this exclusive opportunity is non-refundable. No refunds, either partial or full, will be granted.

For a limited time, Joel is adding 30 additional days to both of his
One-on-one coaching packages - that's a FULL 90 days!

Market Analysis: If you're new to the NEMT industry or you just need help researching and assessing the dynamic opportunities of your local market, then this opportunity will benefit you.

My team will conduct necessary market research and make all the necessary phone calls to prepare a unique custom market analysis that will be critical for strategic planning purposes. It will help in preparing your business plan and marketing campaigns.

This is an extremely unique and customized opportunity. Developing your custom market analysis will take quite some time because it requires a lot of work and a ton of callbacks, the end product will be absolutely critical. While you're studying my ebooks and videos, my team will be working on your custom market analysis project.

Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

As I always emphasize, the importance of sharing and partnering with like-minded people is critical to your success. You need to surround yourself and learn from people who share your vision, level of motivation, and philosophy. Therefore, ONLY invest in this coaching opportunity if you're serious about joining the 5% of people who retire wealthy and independent!

See you at the Top!

PS: Take all the time you need to surf this site, watch videos, read through comments and testimonials, and contact us with questions. Share your information via "Contact Us" page or by email at [email protected].

Joel has been instrumental in my success. The NEMT business is very challenging and nuanced, and I knew zero about the industry prior to getting into it. When I started, I had two choices: (1) Do it on my own, afterall, I've owned many successful businesses over 35 years, and there's no reason to think I couldn't run this one successfully as well, or (2) hire an expert to help get me there faster and more efficiently. That was a NO BRAINER. If you think he's expensive, change your limited thinking. He's "cheap."

What can he do for you? Teach you what it takes to be successful in this specific business. Answer any and ALL of your questions (and you will have many). Help design a logo/brand/website to better shape your business to resonate with your market. Guide you to generate the best leads for your business. Create contracts with clinics/hospitals. (and no, do not use your attorneys for this). Help you locate and secure vehicles. Help you negotiate when necessary because he knows the little things you wouldn't know about. And I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out.

It's such a comforting feeling knowing that any idea I have, any car I might want to buy, any employee question I have, any expansion I'm looking at, and any marketing idea I have, I can email Joel, and he'll help guide me.

I've now been in the business for 2 1/2 years and I still use him......and he's still cheap.

Thanks for everything, Joel.
Allen, California (NEMT Business Owner)

JMy unexpected journey into Non-Emergency Medical Transportation has been a remarkable experience and navigating it successfully has been a blend of clear vision, sacrifice, unmatched work ethic, perseverance, courage, and, most importantly, the "willingness to learn."

In the pursuit of knowledge, finding the right mentor or advisor became crucial. Amid a sea of online experts and well-meaning, yet unqualified friends and family, discernment was key. Not everyone offering business advice excels in their ventures or has even started one.

As a licensed practical nurse seeking more control over my life, income, and future, I ventured into starting a Home Care agency at the age of 27, partnering with a coworker. While scouting the internet for home care insights in 2015, I stumbled upon Joel Davis's book, "How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency."

Initially skeptical, Joel's sharp image on his book cover raised suspicions of a potential scam. However, the lingering thought of passing up game-changing information led me to purchase the book. Reading it, I discovered Joel's suggestion to consider adding a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company to complement the home care agency.

This revelation prompted further investigation, leading me to Joel's book, "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Business." Months into my home care journey, I decided to establish a separate corporation for the NEMT venture.

However, my initial business partnership faced challenges, as my partner lacked the dedication required for success. Realizing the disparity between a paper-pushing nurse and a business partner, I ended the partnership in 2018.

During this period, a retired nurse suggested re-focusing on NEMT, emphasizing its potential for success. In 2019, I relaunched the NEMT company with my wife and father, following Joel's strategies i found in his book meticulously. Selling our home, downsizing, and investing in two wheelchair vans marked the beginning of a new journey.

In 2019, a few months after opening the new NEMT company, I enlisted Joel for one-on-one services.

Joel's unique guidance tailored to my business's evolving stages became instrumental.Over the next two years, we surpassed competitors focused on unsustainable broker work, achieving a profitable and scalable NEMT business.

This decision to enlist his services has proven invaluable in shaping and sustaining my venture's growth. I fully intend to retain his services for as long as I am in business.

A testament to Joel's commitment to genuine impact and true value is reflected in recent experiences. Two acquaintances and a family friend, inspired by my strides in the business, approached me for insights into the business and although I referred them to Joel's team, they were turned down citing their existing collaboration with me in the same city.

This instance stands as a testament to Joel's integrity and professionalism. It reinforces the idea that Joel is not merely seeking financial gain but is genuinely dedicated to creating positive change and delivering authentic value to those he works with.

Joel's continued support has played a pivotal role in transforming my NEMT venture into a thriving and profitable business. I remain grateful for his guidance and look forward to the ongoing success that his expertise ensures.

See you at the Top.
Sadique (NEMT Provider)

In April of 2023, my wife and I embarked on the journey of establishing a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company in the sunshine state. Intrigued by the promising business model, we believed it was an ideal venture for us. Initially, we underestimated the complexities of starting the business independently. Seeking advice from local NEMT owners, one recommended acquiring two wheelchair-accessible minivans, crafting business cards, and distributing them to facilities. However, our efforts proved challenging and misguided, leading to frustration.

During our research, a turning point occurred when we discovered Joel's insightful YouTube videos. Realizing our missteps, we reached out to Joel, and that's when the magic began. Currently collaborating with Joel, we find his knowledge, guidance, and NEMT business experience invaluable. Joel's team, notably the marketing professionals, surpassed our expectations with their professionalism in developing our website, business cards, postcards, and more. Joel has been instrumental in assisting us with van selection, approaching facilities, navigating contracts, insurance forms, and more. His team provided us with a comprehensive market analysis, a detailed policies and procedures manual for drivers, a welcoming package, and ongoing support.

Presently, negotiations for a service agreement with a facility are underway, thanks to Joel. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found Joel Davis and his exceptional team. Without hesitation, we highly recommend working with Joel for anyone venturing into the NEMT business.

Arlis and Oneida (NEMT Provider)

For anyone wondering if one on one coaching is worth it? Let me silence any doubt you might have in your mind. I come from a robust background in medical transportation; 10 plus years on an ambulance responding to tens of thousands of 911 calls. Bringing that level of experience has been incredibly helpful and beneficial for starting my non-emergency transport company; however, the small investment in my one on one coaching with Joel has been integral in all aspects of my business' growth and success. In less than 12 months, with Joel's guidance, we have been able to crest 400k in gross revenue at 32% margin. We've grown our company significantly in that time, and I'm 100% confident that we have saved more money in newbie errors than it has cost us to retain the million dollar team. The cost vs benefit of hiring Joel and the million dollar team is an absolute steal of a deal considering the wealth of knowledge and experience you'll bring to your business' leadership table. Just waiting to get our NEMT business stabilized to hire Joel to start our next venture, a broker business

Ramases (NEMT Provider)